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Wife Quest

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You’ve got a single purpose in Wife Quest: rescue Fernando, your kidnapped husband, who’s been snatched by Morganna, the Dark Elf. During your adventure, you’ll face Morganna’s companions, the Monster Girls.

Help Mia, in this 2D retro platformer, a cute and charismatic former warrior who lives alongside Fernando, a mere farmer. Mia happens to be overjealous and quick to anger, but only if faced with anyone who happens to hit on her hubby!

Help Mia rescue her beloved and teach those thieves a good lesson. Maybe they’ll learn not to mess with Fernando!

  • High-fi graphics: Gorgeous pixel art, animation and key art;
  • A great journey: Various levels like hills, forests, volcanic landscapes and caves, each presenting unique challenges;
  • Lots of challenges: Face different kinds of Monster Girls like goblins, lamias, slimes and many more;
  • A humorous plot: Wife Quest is filled with amusing interactions between the overjealous Mia and all the Monster Girls who keep getting in her way;
  • Teach them a good lesson: Watch and help Mia punish those husband-snatching ladies! Each boss has unique animations;
  • Get stronger: Make Mia tougher by unlocking new abilities after defeating each boss and by buying equipment at Ymir’s store;
  • Unlockable content: Wife Quest in-game songs, gallery images (both of the couple and the girls), mini-games, Mia’s finishing move animations and unlockable achievements;
  • Replay value: Unlock Magic Mode that will reward you with new skins for Mia.

Play Kawaii Deathu Desu!

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Pippin Games is a Brazilian independent game studio focused on creating casual/mid-core games with fun themes.

We're a group passionate about video games, anime, and manga. This passion inspires our games.

We hope you enjoy and have fun with the pippin games.

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Belo jogo, bela arte e roteiro engraçado com elementos nostálgicos dos animes e jogos clássicos de Super Nintendo.

Vocês tão de parabéns meus consagrados

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I bought The Epic Games Store Version, and I love it. 

It would be Great if you Make 16bit soundtrack, a downgrade optional soundtrack on chiptune. 

I know it's a lot to ask, but if combos could be added to normal sword attacks, that would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps, added as special moves as paid DLC. 

If only the transition screens that are left empty after defeating a boss could be removed and instead add treasure or gallery items hidden in those empty areas. 

Everything else is perfect, the base game as it is is excellent, it's addictive and has very good mechanics. I only suggested upgrade options for possible paid DLC.  As well as making Ymir playable as DLC. 


could make a version for android ?

Main girl looks cute, so I gotta try it! :-D


Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android???

Very fun game.

Thank you! : )

Super cute and really fun! I can't wait for future updates.

Thanks! Don't forget to put it on Steam Wishlist


Hi, any chance for a MacOS version in a near future? My brand new M1 Macbook would be glad to run this game! :)

I had the same problem with the "5mg" video, the text was not showing up. 

I thought it was because I'm Japanese and I'm using a Japanese "windows OS", so I tried to find something font related, but it didn't work.

However, when I open the options and select where the "Language" is, the text is now visible, so I am happy to report!  (”Language” is the same as in the video by "ezez_game" (1:04~), but without the flag.)

Anyway, the demo version of Wife Quest "妻クエスト" was great fun!

I love how expressive MIA is <3 I'm rooting for you :)))

Thank you very much, good catch. I think you're right is something about the font. Funny, this is happening. We use custom fonts on Unity. In theory, it was to show only Portuguese or English.

I'll take a look at it. Asap we'll update the demo!

how do you save the game? it always start back from in the farm

Some people have already reported this bug on the demo. I'm already working on a fix it! Asap I fix it. I'll update the demo version! : )

thanks for replying, loving the game so far!

Very fun game, however the dialogues did not appear in the game. =(

Thank you. XD This is the first time that type of bug happens. Did you try to restart the game or happen some strange behavior on launch it?

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Thanks : )

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Hi there, I enjoyed playing through the demo by only attacking the monster girls that stood in my way (without choking them, since they did nothing wrong while going about their business), and survived fighting the dark elf until she started throwing huge waves of fireballs :p

Aside from the need for grammar checking in the pre-game cutscene and various bits of conversation throughout the demo, the game played smoothly, though I do have to wonder where all the other humans have gone off to that ALL the monster girls are starving for Fernand's presence ;)

Anyhow, I look forward to the full release of this game :D

P.S.: I keep reading Fernand's name as Fernando; it just rolls off the tongue easily compared to Fernand :)


Thanks for the feedback : )

The game is still in development. Don't forget to follow us (https://linktr.ee/PippinGames)

You're welcome; your link doesn't work though D:


The link was with ")"  : (


Now it works : )

Or you can go directly to our website


Ah, I didn't realise I should have ignored the end bracket when copying your link; a big oops on my part :p

I look up your Twitter account from time to time, and noticed your announcement on Itch.io through my mail notification. Good to hear that the full game is now on Steam :D


Thank you! Go to Steam and add to your WishList  XD

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Vou ser o comentário em português, só para ser chato kkk Mas resumindo em inglês para os outros verem: "It's a really nice game, it's pretty, funny and very challenging. Really worth a try to see for yourself"

É um jogo bem difícil, não vou mentir que acabei dando ragequit na metade da Farm. Acho que o fato dos inimigos não terem um recoil quando são atingidos deixa ainda mais difícil. Em contrapartida, as mecânicas de ataque dos inimigos são bem interessantes.

Uma das coisas que mais me deixou interessado foi a arte em geral do jogo. Sem contar que a arte do jogo é muito bonitinha e fofa, os efeitos sonoros junto com o estilo de quadrinho/mangá nas cutscenes se encaixam muito bem dando uma aparência muito agradável ao jogo. 

É só um pequeno detalhe que reparei, mas não afeta em nada a gameplay: muitas vezes a animação de "morte" não acontece. Geralmente é só a Mia correndo no lugar ou spammando ataque dependendo do que o jogador estava fazendo antes de receber um golpe final. Mas como disse, não é nada demais, só comentei achando que vocês iriam querer ter ciência disto.

É sempre ver muito legal ver gamedevs/estúdios daqui fazendo um bom trabalho, espero muito sucesso a vocês.

Muito obrigado pelo feedback, vai ajudar bastante.

Alguns dos bugs já foram relatados e estamos corrigindo de acordo com o restante do desenvolvimento do jogo.

Inclusive essa parte de balanceamento dos inimigos, recuo e etc, também estão sendo trabalhados.

Mais uma vez, Muito obrigado, esses feedbacks ajudam bastante a orientar a equipe no desenvolvimento do jogo.

I featured your game in a video! I loved this game, though I did have some issues with jumping and a few of the platforms. I can't wait for there to be more, as I absolutely love the story!

Oh, thank you for helping Mia to save Fernand, glad you liked it. We'll take a look at those jumps issues : )

Hi, I realy like the game, but I have a issue when fall in a plataform and get stuck in the ground, I'll link the video nearly the time a get stuck. 

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked the game ; )

We'll add it to the bug list, thanks again.

I died quite a lot but still had so much fun with this game! I didn't get to finish it in the video because I rage quit but I will certainly be going back to it to finish the game on my own.


Thank you very much for playing Wife Quest. The video will help us a lot in the development of the game : )

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Love the extremely crude english, haven't laughed this good since some time.


Thanks, glad you like it ; )

just yes


Really great game! It is in my Top 5 for this week!

Check my video!


Thank you very much for playing Wifequest and feature it in your video. Glad you liked it (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Why is this in horror?

It isn't horror. Thanks we correct the tags ; )

This is a great game! I guess Fernand is too handsome for all these orc and demon waifus. They keep wanting to kidnap him for themselves! And why when you kill the enemies, you have to "choke" them to death? It's funny though XD I'll keep working on a playthrough. SAVE YOUR HUSBANDO MIA!

Thank you very much for playing our game. We're glad you enjoyed it. We liked your gameplay too, keep going ; )

Mia spanks the enemies because she's already stressed out about them trying to steal Fernand... And Because is funny : )

We're planing add another "finish her" animations too, feel free to give us some ideas and feedback about the wife quest ; )

We liked the gamplay too, keep going ; )

Amazing game dev :D 

Thanks a lot for play Wife Quest. Don't forget to give us some game feedback ; )