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In Wife Quest you have only one mission: Rescue Fernand, your husband who was kidnapped by a dark elf witch called Morganna. Along the way you’ll have to face her fellow monster girls.

In this 2D platformer game contemplating the best retro style we venture out with Mia, a super cute and charismatic ex-warrior who now lives beside Fernand, a simple peasant. She is just a little jealous and stressed (but only with the ones who hit on Fernand). Help Mia’s journey on giving a good lesson to those thieves so they will never be so bold!

Key features:

  • Hi-fidelity graphics: Beautiful pixel arts, animation and keyarts;
  • A wild journey: Different environments, such as hills, forests, volcanoes, caves. Each with its own challenges;
  • Many challenges: Face different types of monster girls like goblins, lamias, slimes and so on;
  • Funny plot: Animated dialogues with a lot of humor between the jealous Mia and the ones who get on her way;
  • Finish her!: Watch the MIA punish those thieves;
  • Grow stronger: Improve Mia’s attributes by gaining skills from bosses and buying equipment at the Ymir’s Store;
  • Unlockable content:  Songs from Wife Quest radio, keyarts gallery (with images from the girls and the couple), mini games, Mia’s finishes, achievements and speed run scores;
  • Replay factor: Unlock a new mode with greater difficulty and keep the visual changes for Mia.

Play Kawaii Deathu Desu!

About Pippin Games

Pippin Games is an independent game studio, focused on creating casual / midcore games with fun themes. The studio is based in Natal, Brazil.

Team members actively participate in the Indie game developers' group:  PONG (Potiguar Indie Games), which, inspired by other game developers groups, meet up monthly to promote the interaction of professionals already inserted in the market of game production with those who intend to enter this market.

The team was finalist in the process of pre-acceleration of 2017.2 Playbor. In the same mentoring period was also designed the game Kawaii Desu Deathu.

Please follow Pippin Games at FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Follow our job. Your feedback is really important to us!!!


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I died quite a lot but still had so much fun with this game! I didn't get to finish it in the video because I rage quit but I will certainly be going back to it to finish the game on my own.


Thank you very much for playing Wife Quest. The video will help us a lot in the development of the game : )

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Love the extremely crude english, haven't laughed this good since some time.

Thanks, glad you like it ; )

just yes


Really great game! It is in my Top 5 for this week!

Check my video!


Thank you very much for playing Wifequest and feature it in your video. Glad you liked it (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Why is this in horror?

It isn't horror. Thanks we correct the tags ; )

This is a great game! I guess Fernand is too handsome for all these orc and demon waifus. They keep wanting to kidnap him for themselves! And why when you kill the enemies, you have to "choke" them to death? It's funny though XD I'll keep working on a playthrough. SAVE YOUR HUSBANDO MIA!

Thank you very much for playing our game. We're glad you enjoyed it. We liked your gameplay too, keep going ; )

Mia spanks the enemies because she's already stressed out about them trying to steal Fernand... And Because is funny : )

We're planing add another "finish her" animations too, feel free to give us some ideas and feedback about the wife quest ; )

We liked the gamplay too, keep going ; )

Amazing game dev :D 

Thanks a lot for play Wife Quest. Don't forget to give us some game feedback ; )