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Maiden Cops is a Beat'm Up full of classic, arcade-style action and ass kicking.

Choose among the gorgeous Maiden Cops policewomen and enjoy premium-level pixel art and a breathtaking soundtrack.

Maiden City faces the fury of a secret organization called "The Liberators", which wishes to remove the individual freedoms of citizens through chaos and violence. They intend to first create the problem so they can then offer the solution.

Maiden Cops, a private law enforcement corporation, is on a mission to protect its clients in Maiden City. Will it be possible for our heroines to put a stop to the Liberators' nefarious plans?

Priscilla, Nina and Meiga will kick the asses of anyone trying to disturb the peace and tranquility of Maiden City.

Recently graduated from the military academy. Always energetic, smiling and willing. Since she was little, Priscilla dreamed of becoming a police officer, maintaining order and justice and protecting the weak.

Don't be fooled by her looks. Nina is the most experienced on the team. Lazy and playful, she goes soft on the job whenever the situation allows it. However, when forced, she performs her duty with excellence! Being the most experienced in the group, she naturally assumes the role of group leader when fighting crime in Maiden City.

Coming from a historically renowned family of fighters and warriors, her family currently operates a security business. Meiga's brute strength contrasts with her "darling", sweet and shy personality. A super friendly and kind girl. Meiga chose to be part of Maiden Cops to keep people safe and the environment conducive to kindness and love among the people of Maiden City.

  • Frantic and unforgiving ass kicking.
  • Beautiful pixel art animations.
  • Breathtaking original soundtrack.
  • Invite your friend to face crime. Multiplayer for 2 players.
  • 3 gorgeous playable protagonists, each with their own special fighting style and abilities!
  • Difficulty settings.
  • Several unlockable items such as images, music and looks for the protagonists.
  • Demolish crime while driving cars and motorcycles.
  • Special foods for each of the protagonists.

Play Wife Quest!

Link: https://www.pippingames.com/wife-quest

Play Kawaii Deathu Desu!

Link: https://www.pippingames.com/kdd

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Can you consider a mobile version please??

Pretty kickass game so far, good mechanics, pretty tight gameplay, and great sprite work!

A mild complaint: when finishing the boss, I think giving the player a solid 6-8 seconds before the stage finishes is good to make sure they can pick up the point item she drops, just for those score-board types.

Also I think for the last stretch towards the boss, it may be fair to put out a rolling barrel with a time bonus item to give players a little more time, I ended up running out in my run against the boss, and I was hitting her consistently but I still lost a life.

At any rate, this is quite promising, and I wish your team well in development!

Happy New Years by the way!

alguem conhece u jogo de luta erotico gratis em pixel art?

When is the game going to be release? :)


We planned to release about the half 2023

Any chance of it being released here on Itchio as well?


Yup! We plan to do this. : )

Very fun and the characters look very cute. Good job and can't wait for the rest

Thanks. Glad you had fun. Adding the game to your Steam Wishlist will help us a lot ; )

Found a bug at the boss fight: one of the enemies got a knife in the ground and... at that point, it did not move and it couldn't be hit either.

Also, regarding the boss fight: with Miranda's strategy of jumping high and being out of range for being attacked most of the fight, each hit had to count, so, special moves were the choice...

...so to win the fight without it taking too ling too much, my strategy ended up being: lose a life, and use the new special bar to unleash all the specials on her : p Maybe she could jump less, or more enemies could show up allowing the player to fill the special bar more?

The title should've added "For the Maidenless." XD


the fuck is this dumspter fire this is shit in my opinion


Opinion noted. Now fuck off.


Then don't play it and don't comment if you can't give a reason why you dislike it.

And besides, it's a free demo you half-baked doughnut



jiggle physics

Made a video

how is this game already getting nsfw art of it

how long ago was this game even announced??

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If this is the demo, then I'll be really looking forward to the day the full game is released. I love beat em ups that aren't overly serious in its core concept. The gameplay is smooth, the difficulty is made in a way that its just right. One suggestion I would make is that you can put some variety on enemies by just having two different color palettes for the same enemy. Its an easy way that old Beat em ups used to do, and it would give the game even more of a retro feel. Also, the backgrounds look kind of dull and empty, like the first Final Fight. Try to put some characters and movement in the background to make it more lifelike and interesting, like in Final Fight 2.

Very nice! Love everything about it, except Miranda, little bitch ;-) But seriously, love the artwork, the style, music and gameplay! Spot-on for the old-school atmosphere.


no maidens?


I loved your game, gameplay is very funny xDD 

I couldn't get past that part, I don't know if it was the end of the demo.

 I will follow along, I wish you all the best in your project! :)

I got past that, did you kill all the enemies and move further?

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I am pretty sure I'm at 69420. What happens then?

Sorry I got confused, what are we talking about again?

i know are we talking about masterbation or are we talking about grass?


The artwork looks great, but I don't find police brutality cute or funny or sexy or whatever you were going for.

I really enjoyed the game! The music was really great, very energetic. The art is also excellent. I also enjoyed enemies' funny faces when they get hit or thrown around. However, idk if it's just on keyboard but the running felt janky.  Also not a lot of opportunities to heal. The attacks also felt a bit off. I didn't really enjoy how you get interrupted when doing your super moves/attacks. But I do understand it's just a demo and that all the problems will get solved hopefully. Over all I would play again :)

This game is really good and fun. I thought the soundtrack was dope and everything was visually great (especially the Maiden Cops). Reminded me of those arcade fight games. I can't wait for the full game of this to drop!

Thank you for playing. I'm glad you had fun with Maiden Cops.  Watching your video, we notice we need to make many improvements. But we'll work hard to finish the game. ; )

No problem at all! Y'all made a fantastic game! I'll be waiting for the full game!

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bro you guys literally just made Streets of Rage 5. like seriously there are so many references to Final Fight and Streets of Rage it's uncanny.


It's fantastic I found it very entertaining, the music is very cool and I had a great time from start to finish, I can't wait for the final version although the only bad thing was not being able to play as Meiga, lol 😁
Demo Complete Here

Thanks! Don't worry. Meiga is the next character we want to work. XD

Belo pixel art, estilo anime  e me pegou pela nostalgia dos jogos de fliperama (mentira, as meninas são gatinhas mesmo rsrs) :) Um abraço e tenham um bom trabalho compatriotas!

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I like this game, i lost too much BLOOD on my nose @@ in this game !!! +_+ :D i hope have version censord for KIDs play @@ ...

Thank you for this game ! 

Cómo dicen el trabajo que están haciendo con los gráficos es muy prometedor, aunque espero que en la versión final pulan mucho más el gameplay, ya que el demo actual se siente monótono y frustrante...

El principal problema es que el personaje queda vulnerable gran parte de tiempo, o porque se bloquea pegando, o sujetando algún enemigo involuntariamente cuando necesitas moverte o recibiendo una patada voladora que por más que veas venir con tiempo es muy probable que termines recibiéndola.

Y aun así, el juego nunca llega a proponer un reto significativo, lo más parecido es al enfrentarte al primer Jefe, pero por quedar atorado por los problemas que ya mencioné con el resto de los enemigos. Allí perdí todas mis vidas y después de un par de gameovers abandoné el juego.

Nota: Ignoro si esa es la intención en el futuro, pero muchos obstáculos del escenario parecen objetos que uno debería poder romper, por otra parte, deberían buscar otro FX, para los chispazos eléctricos de las luces, pensé que eran algún tipo de rayo que debía esquivar...

(Recomiendo agregarle una animación de parpadeo a la protagonista, le daría más vida)


The game looks great and it has a lot of potential, I really like the artwork, the characters are pretty nice and the music is okay.

Some problems began with the janky controllers being unable to execute running when double tapping the control stick and also performing specials attacks was a little complicated because executing the moves did not trigger it.

I also find the setting a little boring, I suggest having thing’s going on in the background and making it more lively, either way, it’s looking pretty good.


This was such a fun game. I can't wait to see more of it. Great work! 

Thank you : )

Looking forward to this. Will you be releasing it here on Itch?

We have intantion to bring Maiden Cops to itch.io. But for now, only steam.

Thank you. Hope to see a release here on Itch as well.

Amazing oldschool beat'm up game. Really fun.

Thanks for play : )


Nice gameplay, Thanks.

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Very good!

The only think I can complain is the resolution:

I think for a pixel game is good to keep an uniform pixel size: for example use 480x270 base resolution, and upscale to nearest neighbor: 960x540, 1920x1080... So the pixels will always look sharp (without bloom and crt effect).

This way it could be played in a real CRT too.

I just had the most fun with the Maiden Cops demo version! It's so complete and so great!

I played it in a Japanese environment, and I'm glad that it started with Japanese settings from the beginning, and the names of the techniques, etc. are not just translated, but are cool.

-The following points are of concern

Gauge moves were often out of control, especially the Punch Flame, which would come out even though no command was entered.

Punch Flame's effects made the screen glow a little too much.

The command input description for Quake Explosion on the title screen and pause screen is different.

Thanks for your feedback. You're right. We've received similar comments. We need to find a better way to use skills.

BTW I'm open to ideas XD

Thank you for your reply! As a fan of Pippin Games from Wife quest, I am happy to hear from you!

My idea for the skill is to separate the button needed to activate it from the normal attack. I think this would completely eliminate the outbursts, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not, as it would increase the difficulty of the controls and might confuse the player.

If we could only reduce Punch Flame's outbursts, it might be better to leave it as it is now. I don't have a better idea...

It would be great if the skill gauge could be separated by memory for each number of times a skill can be activated, and each time the memory is saved, that area would light up to make it easier to understand, as it would help visually.

Maiden Cops I'm really looking forward to this and I'm rooting for you!

hey I LOVED IT! I even made a short gameplay using my own music as background, check it out and gratz for the game really awesome 

Thank you. Nice background music : )

you are welcome, thanks to you for your epic game :D I am glad you liked my music I am doing it for games ^^

great jobs arcade

Thank you

Will you release the full game on Itch or GOG or only on Steam?

Yes. We have the intention to bring it to itch.io. GOG is a good idea too!

Cool, can't wait!

So much fun one 

Thank you : )

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Big fan of wife quest and kawaii deathu desu, can't wait for this game! Will it have a console release as well?

Maybe. I'll try to bring it to consoles as well.

Top demais. Aguardando ansiosamente.

Faz versão pra linux tb <3


Escute o rapaz faça uma versão pra Linux kkk