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Su estilo ha conseguido que me lo compre en Switch nada más verlo. Ni si quiera conocía el proyecto. Ahora me he dado cuenta de que es gratis pero quiero apoyar a los desarrolladores de este juego, que se lo merecen, así que no lo devolveré. 

It looks cute and funny. got to try it.

Hi thanks for the game! it was fun and im gonna spam the hell out of it :D 

hopefully i can unlock new characters myself lol

Made a video

i loved the game and i couldn't figure out how to unlock the other character!!
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Despite still being an early work, Kawaii Deathu Desu seems like a good start to a quality game. Similar to One Finger Death Punch, it has a two button control set, but there's enough happening on the screen that you never feel like you're just tapping keys, even when you are. Decent music and a well done, cutsie art style make it an enjoyable time overall.

Keep up the good work, devs.